Chords & Voicings

Complex chords and rich progressions are hallmarks of jazz. This group of courses teaches you everything from basic chord types and simple progressions to advanced one and two-hand voicing techniques and beyond.

Improvisation & Licks

Jazz Theory & Composition

Styles, Arranging & More

Intros, endings, interludes, vamps, full arrangements and styles and are some of what you will find in this catchall category.

Too Many Choices?

Follow the Road Map for three structured plans of study

  • You are a novice to jazz but can read notation and know how to play your major scales.

  • You know your chords and a few tunes but want a deeper understanding of jazz.

  • You are playing rootless voicings with tensions and improvising and want to take your playing to the next level

Still not sure where to start?

Write to me and I'll help you figure it out.