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Lesson Questions

Do not hesitate to contact me at any time for any question that you may have. I try to respond within 24 hours and often much faster than that.

In order to get the most out of the lessons you should be able to study independently and be self-motivated to practice on your own. You can always contact me with any jazz piano questions whenever you have them. Once you choose an online lesson subscription plan you have unlimited access to the entire library of lessons. There are four full-featured FREE lessons for you to try. Also have a look at this additional free content: Jazz Licks - a collection of short melodic ideas transcribed from major commercial recordings for you to use in your solos and Mini Lessons - concise tutorials on a narrow topic related to various lessons on the site.

Check out the JazzPianoOnline.com lesson roadmap to help you learn how to use the site to your best advantage. Still not sure where to start? contact me and tell me about your musical background and goals and I'll give you more specific guidance.

JazzPianoOnline.com is an on-demand, digital library of interactive streaming video jazz piano lessons. The lessons on JazzPianoOnline.com offer piano students high-quality, intermediate through advanced jazz piano lessons on Jazz Theory & Composition, Improvisation & Licks, Chords & Voicings and Styles, Arranging & More. Watch the lessons on your Mac, PC or touchscreen device. Contact me with any questions. Practice the lesson material using downloadable, printable PDF Practice Sessions. Lessons are accessible by subscription only. Subscriptions are easy to buy and are reasonably priced. If you are not ready to subscribe, you can always get started by watching one of these full-featured FREE lessons. Check out the JazzPianoOnline.com YouTube Channel to watch previews of all of the jazz piano lessons on the site.

Yes! Everything I play is notated and all of the lessons are based on a transcription of a commercially available recording that will help you listen to and explore the jazz tradition.

Subscription Questions

Click on the subscribe link at the top of the page, choose a membership option and follow the prompts. You will be taken through the steps to enter your credit card to make payment and then you will have unlimited access to all lessons on the site.

Please contact me and I will give you give you instructions on where to send a check.

No. One subscription per person, please. There are software controls in place that check for sharing of subscriptions. Your subscription will be terminated if you are caught sharing your subscription.

full-featured FREE lessons are provided for you to watch and try out before you subscribe. Please make sure the lessons work on your device and you like them before you subscribe to JazzPianoOnline.com.

Yes! PayPal as well as all major credit cards are accepted.

System Requirements and Troubleshooting

If you are viewing the site on a wireless connection the video quality will be lowered automatically to account for the limited bandwidth. If you switch to a WIFI connection the video quality will improve dramatically. Performance of the videos on mobile devices is highly dependent on the strength of the internet connection. The stronger the connection the better the videos will perform. You can select the resolution of the video by clicking on the gear icon in the player control strip.

All you need to play the lessons is a PC, MAC, iOS, or Android phone/tablet running one of the standard web browsers.

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Do not hesitate to Contact Me