Improv Drill - Approach Patterns

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Joe Zawinul is perhaps best known as a fusion-based synthesist, co-founder of the popular jazz-rock group Weather Report and explorer of World Music styles as leader of his band the Joe Zawinul Syndicate. But he played straight-ahead jazz on the acoustic piano well before venturing off into the varied directions of the past 30+ years. His considerable talents as a bebop pianist are on display in this lesson through an analysis of a transcription of his solo over the tune "Teaneck" from the 1961 classic "Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley" for his use of approach patterns in crafting his lines. This lesson codifies four common approach patterns and demonstrates a series of drills to help you gain control over these patterns for use in your own soloing. The second installment in the Improv Drill series of lessons, this lesson builds on the fundamentals outlined in the first lesson, Improv Drill: Chord Tones.


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Bill Rinehart

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Bill did undergraduate work at the Berklee College of Music and holds the M.Mus. degree in Jazz Studies from the Boston Conservatory/Berklee College of Music where he studied with Ray Santisi and Charlie Banacos. Bill taught and played extensively around the Boston area for the better part of two decades appearing everywhere from the legendary Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge MA to a long stand at the Hampshire House on Beacon Hill in Boston before relocating to the Raleigh-Durham NC area where he teaches full-time on