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This charming little jazz prelude starts off with clean, perfectly voice-led, diatonic 7th chords in C major moving through the cycle of 5ths (hence the title, Circles). Composed by Stuart Isacoff, this decades old piece then takes a minor turn and encounters some serious jazz chords- b9, #11 and b13 altered dominant chords among them. Learn about the different voicing techniques used in this piece and then open the practice sessions which include the full 2 hand arrangement of the tune as well as left hand voicings with comping rhythms and playalong tracks for soloing. Play the piece as is or use it as a jumping off point for a larger composition or as a vehicle for improvisation. 


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Upper Structure Triads
Solo Jazz Piano
Rootless Voicings with Added Tension

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"I’ve continued to look at other sites and have not found anything that approaches the subject as well as yours. BTW, one of my co-workers recently subscribed to your site (I had suggested it to him) – he was totally “blown away” by what you have to offer. He and I talk about it frequently – many times getting together for lunch and just going over one or more of the lessons and marveling at your treatment of the material." -Bob

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Bill Rinehart
Bill Rinehart

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Bill did undergraduate work at the Berklee College of Music and holds the M.Mus. degree in Jazz Studies from the Boston Conservatory/Berklee College of Music where he studied with Ray Santisi and Charlie Banacos. Bill taught and played extensively around the Boston area for the better part of two decades appearing everywhere from the legendary Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge MA to a long stand at the Hampshire House on Beacon Hill in Boston before relocating to the Raleigh-Durham NC area where he teaches full-time on