Live, One-on-One Skype Lessons Now Available

Now you can study with Bill Rinehart, the creator of, live, online via Skype. Live, one-on-one Skype lessons can greatly augment your study of the lessons on Whether you have questions about a lesson, need motivation keep practicing or just want to maintain consistent, forward progress, personalized, individual attention with Skype online lessons will help you attain your musical goals.

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These FAQs will help you answer any questions. If you still have questions contact me about live, one-on-one Skype lessons.

Sign up for Live, One-on-One Skype lessons on the Subscribe page on
There are three options, one hour of lesson time for $62.50; two hours of lesson time for $118.75; and four hours of lesson time for $225.00. You can break down multiple hours of lessons in to single hourly lessons.
You will need a computer (preferable), tablet, or internet connected smartphone, a piano or keyboard and Skype software. You should also consider how you are going to mount your device on or near your keyboard or piano so that I can see the keys. There are many universal mounts available ( Don’t overlook this step! it makes a huge difference in the quality of the lesson if I can see your keyboard clearly.
Once you pay for your lesson time, contact me to schedule you lesson(s). I will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase if I don’t hear from you first.
It is best to work on lesson material from Rootless voicings, solo jazz piano and topics of improvisation are the most suitable, however, we can work on anything you like.
No you will not receive any files after your lesson. However, there is a call recording app that you can use to record the lesson. I highly recommend using this app so that you can review your lesson as many times as you’d like.
There are two screens, one is the bird’s-eye view of my keyboard and the other is the notation. These two screens can be merged (only on PC and Mac computers not tablets and phones) so that I can write notation while you are looking at my keyboard. It is a great way to learn!
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I cap each lesson at one hour.
I am in on Eastern Standard Time (same as New York, USA). I can schedule lessons between 8am and 10pm EST.