Three Oscar Peterson Intros

Studying transcribed intros from recordings can yield a wealth of useful information. Not only can you use them to open an arrangement or performance but you can dissect them for licks and progressions that you can use for improvising, arranging or composition. The three Oscar Peterson intros presented in this lesson are transcribed from recordings between 1962-1997 and provide a treasure trove of harmonic and melodic Oscarness. Learn how to play them (fingerings!), how to take them apart and how to apply the magic that lies within each of these four to eight bar mini-compositions to your own playing.
Lesson Stats
When added: 11/11/14
Duration: 14:36
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1: Play the Oscar Peterson Intros
Practice Session 2: Apply the Intros to Tunes of Your Choice
Prerequisite Lessons
Further Listening
Be sure to listen to the original recordings that the intros in this lesson were transcribed from: “Georgia” from “Night Train,” “Weaver of Dreams,” from “Face to Face” and “Blues for Lisa” from “The More I See You.” Click on the album covers below to be taken to to buy or preview the tracks.
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