From Lead Sheet to Arrangement - "Star Spangled Banner"

Here is a jazz arrangement of our national anthem. Incorporating a wide range of reharmonization and arranging devices- substitutions, upper structures, deceptive cadences and non-functional harmony among them- you will no doubt enjoy hearing this familiar melody juxtaposed with the chromatic sounds of the reharmonized chords.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 6/9/12
Duration: 22:54
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1: Play the "Star Spangled Banner" Arrangement
Practice Session 2: Application of the Techniques used in "Star Spangled Banner"
Further Listening
There are not many (any?) jazz arrangements of the Star Spangled Banner. Take 6 comes the closest with their tight colorful harmonies on a rendition of the tune from a compilation of various artists "Songs of America."
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