From Lead Sheet to Arrangement - "I Hear a Rhapsody"

Starting out life as a Big Band staple, this hit tune of 1941 soon became a jazz standard through the recordings of John Coltrane and Bill Evans. In this lesson, the rich changes of this 32 bar AABA tune are left largely intact in this solo jazz piano arrangement and treated subtly with a range of standard voicing techniques including spread voicings, rootless voicings with added tension, upper structure triads, double lead, drop 2 voicings, sus chords, substitute dominants and a walking bass line in the bridge. The transformation of the plain lead sheet is demonstrated note-by-note and chord-by-chord resulting in a full two-handed arrangement that you can play directly from your tablet or pc using the onscreen practice sessions or from a printout of the fully annotated downloadable pdf.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 10/31/13
Duration: 19:31
Tunes Used: I Hear A Rhapsody
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1: Play the Arrangement
Practice Session 2: Apply the Techniques to "Skylark"
Further Listening
Alan Broadbent is a master solo jazz pianist. Check out his reading of "I Hear a Rhapsody" on his Maybeck Recording.
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