Chromatic Interval Ear Training

This lesson follows up the Diatonic Interval Ear Training lesson with the five chromatic intervals: the minor 2nd, minor 3rd, augmented 4th/diminished 5th, minor 6th and minor 7th. Learn how to associate these intervals with the first few notes of standard jazz tunes and then take a quiz to test your ability to hear them. An additional quiz tests you on all twelve intervals, the eight diatonic intervals from the Diatonic Interval Ear Training lesson and the five chromatic intervals from this lesson.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 11/04/07; Updated 6/17/11, 7/9/14.
Duration: 20:13
First Two Melodic Intervals to Tunes Used:
Alone Together
Black Orpheus
Blue Seven
Stella By Starlight
Stormy Weather
Theme from Love Story
There's A Place for Us
Watermelon Man
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - "The Peacocks" Intro Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Chromatic Interval Ear Training Quiz
Practice Session 3 - Interval Ear Training Quiz
Further Listening
Listen to Jimmy Rowles play "The Peacocks" on Stan Getz's album of the same name.
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