Improvising Over the Blues - Cedar Walton

Cedar Walton’s concise two-chorus solo over Kenny Dorham’s blues head, “Blue Spring,” from his 1959 album of the same name is a model of melodic economy. From the opening blues scale lick, to the minimal left hand comping, not a single note is wasted on flourish or unnecessary gesture. In this lesson, learn how he crafts his surgically precise lines from blues scale and chord sound material and then download the practice session PDF file to play the transcription and transpose seven of his licks into 12 keys to use them in your own solos.
Lesson Stats
When added: 4/30/15
Duration: 20:17
Chord Changes to Tunes Used:
F Blues
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Cedar Walton Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Three Cedar Walton Blues Licks from “Blue Spring“
Practice Session 3 - Four Cedar Walton Chord Sound Licks from “Blue Spring“
Further Listening
Listen to the source recording of the transcription used in the introduction to this lesson, “Blue Spring“ from Kenny Dorham’s 1959 album of the same name.
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