Improvising Over the Chord Changes to "All of Me"

Lester Young's development as a player spanned the late swing years through the bebop era. He rose to fame as a member of Count Basie's Big Band and then led small groups for the rest of his career. This lesson looks at his solo over the tune "All of Me" from his 1956 recording "Pres and Teddy" and isolates licks and improv techniques specific to Lester Young that you can integrate into your own soloing. The tune itself is also of interest from an improvisational perspective as it's harmonic sparseness (it's composed mainly of two-measure long spans of single chords) presents a challenging progression over which to improvise.
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When added: 5/14/14
Duration: 22:03
Chord Changes to Tunes Used:
All of Me
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lester Young Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Apply Lester Young's Improv Strategies and Licks to "All of Me"
Further Listening
Listen to the source recording of the transcription used in the introduction to this lesson, "All of Me" on Lester Young's 1956 album "Pres and Teddy."
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