Improv Drill - Major ii-V-I Progression

This installment of the improv drill series accomplishes two goals: it condenses the improv drills presented in the original four lessons (chord tones, chordscales, arpeggios and approach patterns) and it shows you how to play them over the major ii-V-I progression. The idea here is to present to you a more manageable yet still effective drill over the major ii-V-I progression to help deepen your improvisational facility.

Hank Mobley’s solo over the standard tune “If I Should Lose You,” from his 1960 album “Soul Station” is analyzed in this lesson for his use of the four components of melodic construction and several of his licks are isolated and transposed in the practice sessions for you to use in your own solos and as jumping-off points for your own ideas and licks.
Lesson Stats
Date added: 2/28/15
Duration: 24:01
Practice Sessions
Practice Session 1 - Play the Lesson Introduction Transcription
Practice Session 2 - Condensed Improv Drill
Practice Session 3 - Reverse Engineered Hank Licks
Practice Session 4 - Build Your Own Licks
Further Listening
Listen to the source recording of the transcription used in the introduction to this lesson, “If I Should Lose You“ on Hank Mobley’s 1960 album “Soul Station.”
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Further Reading
Derek Ansell’s 2008 biography of Hank Mobley, “Workout.” is a revealing and insightful look at this underrated bebop master.
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